The Doll Master

The Doll Master


A sophisticated sculptor, Hae-Mi (Kim Yu-Mi), and 4 other people are invited to a gallery of dolls. They are excited to pose to be a doll model. Superintendent, Mr. Choi (Cheon Ho-Jin), and Jae-Won (Kim Bo-Young), a doll-maker, are the hosts who invite them to this gallery. The gallery is in the beautiful forest, and the surrounding is just like fairy tales, but there are some uneasy things to enjoy themselves. The superintendent is hiding something from them. The doll maker Jae-Won, who's helped by a wheel chair doesn't come out of her workroom. Hae-Mi meets Mi-Na (Lim Eun-Kyeong), a mysterious girl who says she has known Hae-Mi for years. The strange noises at night…and the dolls seem to keep an eye on the every movement the guests are making as if they were real human beings.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Horror;

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