The Coming Through

The Coming Through

Other name: 奇蹟的女兒


"The Coming Through" (Chinese title translates to Miracle's Daughter (奇蹟的女兒)) is a Taiwanese historical mini-series, adapted from famous Taiwanese author Yang Qing-Chu's (楊青矗) novel "The Factory's Ring of Daughters" (工廠女兒圈). Yang Qing-Chu is a pioneer of the Taiwanese native literature movement (臺灣鄉土文學), his works often portray the lives of the proletariat. The story describes Taiwan in the 70s, when it's economy is beginning to take off, and the daily pains of the Taiwanese workers. The mini-series receives substantial critical acclaim in Taiwan. It was first broadcast on 16th Jun 2018, on Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation (公共電視臺).

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2018

Genre: Drama; Historical;

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