The Burning River (2020)

The Burning River (2020)

Other name: 迷雾追踪 Mi Wo Zhui Zong Tracking through Fog


Two boggling mysteries have occurred in a small town in Xinan. A female police captain joins hands with a young detective to conduct an investigation. Although a clear motive can be seen, the two discover a series of unknown secrets.

One case involves a late-night ride hailed through an online platform that goes terribly wrong. As more and more clues resurface, the cases in the hands of the police hands become complicated and entangled. In a desperate attempt to find the real culprit, events closely link the past, present, and future of the small town.

Loosely adapted from a true story involving a ride-hailing murder case.

Director: Yu Qing [余庆]

Country: Chinese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2020

Genre: Crime; Detective; Drama; Investigation; Murder; Mystery; Suspense;

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