Sam Bai Mai Thao

Sam Bai Mai Thao

Other name: สามใบไม่เถา


he story follows a warm and loving family- as seen in the above photo – albeit with a strict father. There is nothing more in life that he loves more than to freeze the moments with his daughters and keep them where he wants them. Perhaps due to his possessive and interfering parental ways, his three daughters are anything but under his firm control. Meet Konwasa (Nychaa), the eldest daughter who recently finished her studies abroad and is groomed to take on the family business. The problem is, Konwasa is independent and prefers to be successful on her own terms and opts to work for an International interior designing company rather than working for her old man’s renown construction firm. This bugs Papa Bear to no end. But wait ‘til he finds out the bigger secret that she’s hiding from him. Konwasa married her sweetheart Sang (Alex) while living in San Francisco, but because he hasn’t established himself nor come from an established family, she feels that her father would not accept h

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Drama; Romance;

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