Only Beautiful 2

Only Beautiful 2

Other name: 唯美貌不可辜负; Wei Mei Mao Bu Ke Gu Fu


A corporate war that centers around Huading Group grows more and more complicated. Han Shao takes over as the chairman of the board and suspends trading for the company's stock to put a dent to Wang Rui's plans. Wang Rui sends the mysterious K to gather information on Han Shao and the others. Han Shao joins hands with Ji Xiao to hold up the fort. As Han Shao starts a new company called Wei Mei, Tang De, his egotistic business partner, becomes an obstacle and even publicly challenges him because of Su Ye. Meanwhile, the lipstick starts to lose its magic from overuse. Su Ye continues to travel different dimensions for everyone's sake.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Fantasy; Romance;

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