Kha Khong Khon

Kha Khong Khon

Other name: Ka Kaung Kon ; A Person's Worth ; Priceless Love ; ค่าของคน


One of those typical lakorns, an arrogant pra’ek with jealousy issues who falls in love with his brother’s girlfriend to whom he thinks is not good enough for his younger brother. Nang’ek is poor and in debt because of a her stupid older brother, he owes a group of hoodlums 10 million baht ($327,000 USD). For the sake of her older brother, when arrogant pra’ek offers her money to leave his younger brother to be his kept woman, she takes the offer and says she will do it for 10 million baht. They get married, crazy family drama ensues, jealousy because nang’ek does have a male friend who likes to hang around often, then they fall in love and all is forgiven

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2011

Genre: Drama; Romance;

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